Alamgir Khan & Her Fiancee Conversation Record Obtained By Police.

In the case of the alleged suicide of Alamgir Tareen, the brother of Jahangir Tareen, there has been an important development.
The investigation police has obtained the record of Alamgir Tareen’s last conversation with his fiancee from the call data than the investigation police has met Alamgir Tareen’s fiancee,
Alamgir Tareen The fiance recorded her statement to the police.
The woman told the investigation police that on the night Alamgir committed suicide, they talked on the phone from 4:00 to 4:30 in the evening.
Police sources say that Alamgir Tareen committed suicide between one and two o’clock in the night, no evidence of the deceased’s murder has been found yet, the scope of the investigation will be expanded after the forensic and post-mortem report.
It should be noted that Alamgir Tareen, the owner of the cricket franchise Multan Sultans, was deposed. Alamgir Tareen’s funeral prayer was offered in Lahore which is attended by his family and relatives. Alamgir Tareen was found dead in his home last week.
Police and family ruled it as suicide. Initial investigation said. Alamgir Tareen fired a shot on the right flank.
According to the housekeeper, Alamgir Khan went to his room to sleep at ten o’clock at night as usual. On not getting up at the appointed time in the morning, the employee knocked on the door several times, but the door did not open, on which Alamgir Khan was seen in the room through the window. He ended his life with a bullet in the head, after collecting the evidence from the scene, the police shifted the body to the hospital for post-mortem.

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