Brian Chira arrested for allegedly defaming Azziad

Brian Chira arrested for allegedly defaming Azziad

Brian Chira was arrested last night by police for allegedly defaming TikTok Queen and radio host Azziad Nasenya, Brian Chira is a popular influencer.

Chira was picked out by detectives and forced to spend the night in police custody.

According to Nasenya’s lawyer, her client has decided to take legal action against the TikToker for allegedly defaming her and damaging her brand.

“Chira had leaked Azziada’s phone number” claim by Nasenya lawyer. The public is calling her and want to take advantage of her. All this causing her stress – strangers are calling her now on her phone number.
“The investigating Team and the DCI will go through from an investigation before taking the next step of charging Chira in court.” said by her lawyer

The lawyer of Azziad said “Some weeks ago Chira went live on TikTok at night and the topic was Azziad, he said some words that I can’t repeat here but the words are defame the charecter of Azziad in public, but he didn’t stop there, he also gave her number.”

He Further Said “My client recieved a lot of calls and messages last week, some of which were abusive, and my client was not happy. She decided to take legal action because we have a computer abuse and computer crime law.

Chira has the option at this stage to seek bail from the police before going to court to file a case.

Brian Chira arrested for allegedly defaming Azziad

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