Jannat Mirza Revealed Some Secrets

Pakistan’s famous Tik-Tokar Jannat Mirza has revealed the offer of a film from Bollywood. An interview clip of Jannat Mirza is going viral on social media, in which she told about the offer of a Bollywood film and then the refusal. Viral clip On the question of the host, Jannat Mirza said that I was offered a Bollywood film by Yash Khan, Yash told me that the offer was for a lead role with Bollywood actor Karthik, but the fact is that I do not want to go to India and work. I never want to go to India.

Jannat said the reason for not working in India is that firstly my parents will not agree and secondly my own heart does not agree to go to India to work. Tik Tokar said that the Pakistani dramas like ‘Peerizad’ and ‘Hum Kahan ke Sache thay’ was offered to her but she refused to work in these dramas due to living mostly in Japan, later she regretted seeing the popularity of these dramas. She says that if a film is offered in bollywood she will refused.

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