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Naegleria Virus 1st Case Reported In Lahore.

It was revealed that a case of Naegleria virus was reported for the first time in Lahore. A 30-year-old man infected with Naegleria and died after being treated for 4 days.
According to media reports, a case of deadly Naegleria virus has been reported for the first time in Lahore, the capital of Punjab. A patient infected with Naegleria and died in Lahore.
A 30-year-old patient infected with Naegleria virus was admitted to the Government Services Hospital in Lahore. The hospital administration says that the patient had various symptoms including headache and fever for 4 days.
The patient had developed symptoms after swimming. After swimming, the patient ingested Naegleria through the nose. The hospital administration said that the patient was under treatment at the Services Hospital in a critical condition for a day.
It is reported that a private laboratory has also confirmed that the deceased patient was infected with Naegleria virus.
After the case of Naegleria virus came to light in Lahore, the district administration has become active. On Tuesday, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Managing Director Vasa Ghafran Ahmed regarding measures to prevent Nigella virus.
In the meeting, MD Vasa said to all directors to conducted a surprise test of tube wells to check and prevent Nigella virus.
He said that the availability of chlorine should be ensured to prevent the virus, non-availability of chlorine during tubewell operational period will not be tolerated.
MD Vasa Ghafran Ahmad said that Vasa’s laboratory is working in the light of the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding Naegleria virus and our first priority is to solving the complaints of citizen.

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