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New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program Offer Jobs

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot
This is a five-year pilot program that describe critical labour shortages in different sectors and across multiple regions in the province.
This Pilot program was created to attract expert workers to occupations that have been difficult to fill in New Brunswick in the years to come.

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program is an employer-driven stream, which is targeted to the recruitment for skillful workers and therefore candidate applications to the pilot are made through the participant employer.
This pilot program not accepted direct applications from interested candidates.

Employer Participation
Employer participation in the pilot program was selected based on demonstrated experience and consistent use of provincial and federal economic immigration programs over the past three (3) years, as well as the demonstrated ability of these employers to provide increased settlement support for newcomers, skills development and language training employees.
The pilot project remains limited in scope and as such is not currently open to wider participation. We will regularly evaluate the performance of this pilot project and opportunities to participate may arise in the future.
Employers interested in learning about how New Brunswick’s economic immigration programs can support their workforce needs can visit: https://www.welcomenb.ca/content/wel-bien/en/information_employers.html

Participant Employers

Cooke Aquaculture
J.D. Irving Ltd.
Groupe Savoie
Groupe Westco
Imperial Manufacturing Group
McCain Foods, Ltd.

Candidate Participation

The Critical Worker Pilot is an employer-led stream, based on targeted recruitment of skilled workers, therefore pilot candidate applications are submitted through a participating employer. The program does not accept direct applications from interested parties.

There is no requirement to send a CV to Immigration NB under this program.

To learn about job opportunities that may be available to you in New Brunswick, please visit www.nbjobs.ca
To learn more about New Brunswick’s economic immigration programs, please visit www.gnb.ca/immigration and you can always connect with our Immigration Navigator
To learn more about upcoming information and recruitment events, please visit https://www.welcomenb.ca/content/wel-bien/en/recruitment_events.html

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