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Proposal To Stop Domestic Use Of LNG.

The Energy Planning and Resource Center has proposed to stop domestic use of LNG to eliminate the circular debt.
The report stated that commercial use of LNG is also being used for domestic use which is the major cause of revolving debt,
the tariff differential will have to be reduced to eliminate the revolving debt of gas sector of 577 billion.
Gas reserves in the country are decreasing rapidly, gas reserves have decreased by more than 50%, local reserves have decreased from 4 thousand mmcfd to 2 thousand mmcfd.
Most of the gas is used for cooling and space heating, while 698 mmcfd of gas is used for cooking in summer. Consumption of gas for heaters and geysers in winter is the main reason for the shortage.
Using electricity instead of gas for heaters and geysers can save 580 million dollars in foreign exchange.

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