Upwork releases most-in-demand Freelance skills of 2023

Upwork releases most-in-demand Freelance skills of 2023

Upwork releases most-in-demand Freelance skills of 2023, the world’s largest freelance marketplace, has released its annual list of the most in-demand freelance skills for technology, creativity, marketing, advertising and more. It has previously been reported that about 59 million Americans are freelancing as independent contractors, according to McKinsey, an American opportunity survey.

There has been a huge increase in freelancing in recent years, especially during the current recession. People are now getting more jobs on Upwork. GIG freelancers can make money online while working from home and grow their business by offering their services on various freelance websites. Upwork has released the top 10 skills for different categories. Let’s look at it.

Upwork Top-10 Tech Skills for 2023:

1 Full Stack Development
2 Front-end development
3 Back-End development
4 Mobile application development
5 Web design
6 E-commerce website development
7 UX/UI design
8 CMS development
9 Manual testing
10 Scripting and Automation

Upwork Top 10 Marketing Skills for 2023:

2 Social media marketing
3 More digital marketing
4 Leader of the generation
5 Sales and business development
6 Telemarketing
7 Search Engine Marketing
8 Email marketing
9 Marketing strategy
10 Marketing automation

Upwork Top 10 Customer Service and Support Admin Skills for 2023:

1 Email, phone and chat support
2 General virtual assistance
3 Data entry
4 Digital project management
5 General research services
6 Technical support
7 Dropshipping and order processing
8 Community management
9 Market research
10 Transcription

Upwork Top 10 Accounting and Consulting Skills for 2023:

1 Bookkeeping
2 Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
3 Bookkeeping
4 Financial analysis and modeling
5 Management consultancy
6 Instructional design
7 HR administration
8 Business analysis and strategy
9 Tax preparation
10 Financial Management/CFO

Upwork Top 10 Design and Creative Skills for 2023:

1 Graphic design
2 Video editing
3 Illustration
4 3D animation
5 Presentation design
6 Image editing
7 Cartoons and comics
8 Product and industrial design
9 2D animation
10 Video production

When it comes to the most in-demand skills, sales and business development (54%), data entry (47%), accounting (45%) and 3D animation are among those with the highest year-over-year growth on Upwork. (44%).

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